30 Aug

Facebook Ads can get my really AdsAgony at time.


Facebook Ads can get my really adsagony at time.

I’m running some ads in the dating niche, and I’m having a adsagony to approved them. I’ve checked and rechecked to make sure they’re complaint.

They’re very inconsistent when it comes to approval.
A specific example:
I ran an ad that did very well. I deleted the ad to rebuild my campaign, then I resubmitted the exact same ad a couple of days later (same text same picture same everything) and it got disapproved. That’s crazy.

I would submit loads of ads, like 15 ads, and they would all get disapproved.

I always get the same message:


Please review the specific reason(s) for your ad’s disapproval below. If you have further questions, we recommend reviewing our list of Common Ad Mistakes. You can also consult our Terms of Use and Advertising Guidelines for more information.

The text of this ad contains language that is unacceptable, inappropriate, or irrelevant. Per sections 4, 7 and 13 of Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines, ad text must relate directly to the content of the landing page. Ads may not imply knowledge of user data or information, or in any other way suggest extraordinary knowledge of the user. Finally, ads may not exploit political, sexual or other sensitive issues for commercial purposes.

This ad does not meet the requirements for dating ads or services set forth by section 7 of Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines. The product ordating service being advertised must be targeted to the appropriate, relevant audience:
Users aged 18 or older;
Users with a Relationship Status of “Single”;
The ad must also be targeted to users of exactly one gender (“Sex”);
Users of one sexual preference (“Interested In”);
The ad text must also be a fair representation of the dating service. To that end, we do not allow ad text that is misleading to users (e.g., “Come chat with me” or “Meet me tonight”)

This adsagony with the ads with the most conservative language, what I mean is, I don’t create vulgar, indecent ads and put a girl with a huge cleavage, but something that would be suitable for everyone.

Facebook gurus, please give me some guidelines on how to properly create my ads so they get approved.

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